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Battle Royale: Independent vs. Indie Film

A cheeky, literal title written in a hand-drawn font, surrounded by shaky animation, and soundtracked by the latest indie band– Must be an independent film, right? Not so fast! In the latest installment of Strong Bad E-mails, The Brothers Chaps identify the differences between modern day independent film and so-called indie movies.

It’s Only Humpday, but I’m Still Excited!!

Don’t let the plot synopsis deceive you: Yes, the movie as about two buddies who during a night of partying drunkenly commit themselves to participating in an amateur pornographic film contest. However, that is pretty much the only thing Lynn Shelton’s mumblecore film Humpday has in common with modern bromance comedies.

Adorable Animation: Owly

I have a confession to make: though I am an engineering student who started a blog, I am by no means a proper nerd. I do not run Linux on my laptop, play Dungeons & Dragons, nor read graphic novels. I do, however, possess the sappy heart of a 20-something indie girl. It is with that authority, that I can declare that Andy Runton’s lastest Owly installment is extremely adorable.

Film Launch List

The latest schedule for upcoming independent film releases.

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