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Thao and Mirah Announce New Record Due Out Spring 2011

Relationship status still remains unconfirmed.

Monday Mix: Meet Me in the Morning Light

Spring has arrived! While the increase in extra hours of daily sunlight may be reducing vitamin D deficiencies nationwide, I’ve noticed that the warm rays also have a rather intoxicating effect on the dreary souls that are coming out of hibernation. What better way is there to describe such feelings of restless lethargy than by listening to fuzzy and distorted Indie Pop?

Artist Spotlight: BRONZE

Out of the ashes of Detachment Kit rises the equally satisfying and more refined sounds of BRONZE.

Pavement Reunion Tour Fall 2010

The Indie Rock gods have spoken: “The Fall of 2010 shall be marked by the return of Pavement!”

Zero to Love: Valentine’s Day Mix 2010

This is my first attempt at actually mixing music together, so forgive me if it’s a bit sloppy.

Artist Spotlight: The Very Most

It’s barely made it above freezing here in Georgia this past week. According to my university, we’re currently under a “Snow Warning” due to the forecasted half inch of such precipitation this evening. Normally, this would be reason to panic and buy french toast ingredients. However, instead, I’m taking solace in the warm, summery sounds of The Very Most.

Favorite Albums of 2009


Artist Spotlight: Blue Roses

Sometime in between preparing materials for and building my ark during the Great Flood of Atlanta this fall, I stumbled upon the ethereal vocal stylings of Laura Groves, also known as Blue Roses. Now that Autumn is in full swing here in Georgia, Blue Roses’ self-titled debut appears to be the perfect soundtrack to such drizzly days.

Bradford Cox Discusses Proper Backstage Etiquette

Video courtesy Ohmpark.

C’est L’amour: Magnetic Fields Illustrated

Though their last two albums have been released on a subsidiary of a major record label, the Magnetic Fields’ roots are firmly planted in the independent music scene. 69 Love Songs, the band’s final release on independent label Merge Records in 1999, has gained near cult following in the past decade. Included in this group of fans is a collective of artists from London, England who have decided to pay tribute to the album through illustration.

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