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There has long been a debate regarding what the true definition of Indie music is. Some would say that Indie music has a distinctive sound, more angular and non-traditional when compared to major commercial releases. Others claim that only music self-released by an artist can be considered truly independent.

For the purpose of this website, I will define Indie music as such: Music that was self-released by an artist or an independent record label that is not an immediate subsidiary of a major record label as defined by the Association of Independent Music. Currently, the major record labels are BMG, Sony, Warner EMI, and the Universal Music Group.

Because the definition of independent film has often been just as quarrelsome, the movies featured on this website will be limited to those not distributed or financed by the current “Big Six” film studios or any of their immediate subsidiaries. However, Arthouse and Indie subsidiaries may be included at the author’s discretion.

Another goal of this website is to document and post events, especially those hosted by independent businesses. Most of these happenings will be centralized around the Atlanta metropolitan area. Feel free to browse the Concert Calendar and Film Launch List for recommended shows and movies in the North Georgia region.

All content, unless otherwise stated, is the intellectual property and sole opinion of Maria Sotnikova. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact maria@indeedindie.com.

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