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Artist Spotlight: BRONZE

Detachment Kit - Sitting Still Talking About Jets
BRONZE - Deep Freeze

As a teenager growing up in a rural suburb of Atlanta, I didn’t have much exposure to independent media. I knew it was out there, but I had little means to access it. One outlet I did manage to find was the now-defunct Yahoo Music CMJ radio station, where I first heard “Sitting Still Talking About Jets” by the Detachment Kit.

That song summed up perfectly the desperation and listlessness I felt during my adolescence. I listened to “Sitting Still Talking About Jets” on repeat until Yahoo would no longer let me play it. From there I explored the rest of the Detachment Kit catalog: I screamed along in all my frustration to They Raging. Quiet Army and followed along with the plot line of psychotropic-induced fairy-tales in Of This Blood…. I read about the Detachment Kit’s influences and subsequently fell in love with their forefathers Les Savy Fav. The simple truth is Detachment Kit single-handedly opened up my ears to independent music.

So imagine the heartbreak I felt when I found out the band was touring in my area, but I was too young to go. The first time I remember the Detachment Kit playing a show was at the soon to be closed Echo Lounge. I was 15 at the time, and their age limit was a strict 18+. I begged my dad to take me the group’s next tour stop in Greensboro, North Carolina the following weekend. After a reluctant yes, he refused to drive me up North at the very last minute. Instead I got a consolation prize from a friend that was able to make it to one of their shows: A bright pink t-shirt I still wear to this day.

The next time the Detachment Kit played a show in Atlanta, I was even less lucky. By then I had turned 17 and the guys had also grown up: Now signed to Frenchkiss Records, the band began touring with label owners Les Savy Fav. Having moved up the performance ladder, the Detachment Kit were booked for the EARL that night, a 21+ venue. Once again defeated but not yet hopeless, I patiently waited for the next time the band would make it down South.

As the years went by, I heard less and less about them. The Detachment Kit ended up self-releasing an album entitled + and then disappearing into the Brooklyn soundscape. Now imagine my surprise last week when I heard that Charlie Davis and Ian Menard, the band’s token blood brothers, had formed a new group this past January called BRONZE. Surprise quickly grew to excitement as I listened to each song posted on the BRONZE MySpace page. Their sound has once again matured alongside me: Still showcasing the raw energy of the Detachment Kit, but now in a much more refined and catchy way.

The boys plan on playing some shows in the Spring and Summer of 2010 following the release of BRONZE’s yet to be titled debut EP, and with that my hope to see the band that influenced my entire taste in music lives to see another day!

For more information and future announcements from BRONZE, check out the group’s Facebook page.


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