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Adorable Animation: Owly

Owly Animated!
The Weepies - Happiness

I have a confession to make: though I am an engineering student who started a blog, I am by no means a proper nerd. I do not run Linux on my laptop, play Dungeons & Dragons, nor read graphic novels. I do, however, possess the sappy heart of a 20-something indie girl. It is with that authority, that I can declare that Andy Runton’s lastest Owly installment is extremely adorable.

Released in conjunction with the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, Andy’s usual pen and ink drawings are brought to the silver screen courtesy Sprite Animation Studios. A former graphic designer who worked with computer icons, it’s no surprise that Runton’s signature pictographic “speech” bubbles come complete with computer notification sound effects in the animated short. The piece is also soundtracked by folk-pop duo The Weepies.

The animation, as well as original storyboard by Andy Runton, is available via the Sprite Animation Studios website. More information about Andy can be found on his personal site.


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